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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: Snow
Party: Razor(bulbasaur)
Currently: On Route 1
Okay so that's how we start! I stop from my jog and razor(bulbasaur) jumps in front of me between me and rattata.
Snow: Razor start with a tackle!
*Razor charges at the rattata jumps out the way, and attacks with tackle*
Snow: Razor you ok?
Razor: bulba *nodds*
Snow: let's try another tackle
*Razor charges in and tackles ratta head on and stands ready for next move*
Snow: ok razor this is gonna get tricky but i think this can be our first friend what you say?
Razor: bulba *agrees*
*The ratta comes to it's feet after the last tackle but seemed to be struggling to stand with a deep hatred in it's eyes scowling while trying to stand and fight*
Snow: sad to look at it well let's try to befriend it. hey rattata why be so angry? we just want to make friends while traveling all over and if you stop being so angry you can come with us what you think right razor?
Razor: *smiles and nodds at rattata* bulba bulba
*The Rattata stops scowling for a second then it's eyes seemed to become sad and almost shed a tear after a moment to think and then took it's angry look once more and charged with a cry as if that was all the strength left in it*
Snow: Razor dodge and use tackle with full speed!!
Razor: BULBA!! *Razor dodges the rattata's tackle by a seconds grace and tackled rattata the best as he could as his trainer asked taking a breaath then preparing for the next move*
Snow: GO POKEBAll *Throws pokeball at the exhausted Rattata and watched it shake steadily then stop and signal the rattata was captured* -sigh- good job razor we got him let's take a moment to say hi after we get you both fixed up.
Razor: bulba bulba *agrees with scratches and obvious exhaustion from the battle*
I start walking holding Razor on my backs for a bit
Snow: just relax for a little razor
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