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Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
I believe you brought up an age restriction of 21 in your initial post, correct Typhlosion? By the end of the next year I will be 19 and I will be a fully fledged soldier of the United States. Are you saying I should not be issued a gun for those times when I must deploy over to Afghanistan.
But that would be totally different, we are talking about inhabitable areas, like suburban america, not arid lands full of terrorists, in a warzone you cant call the police if someone gets shot, because there are no law enforcements there, its a free for all, all soliders must be tested before entering a battlefield to ensure that they wont go bonkers and kill their allies, am i correct? The main topic here is USA's generally poor gun laws, everybody in the USA can easily get their hands on a gun, and that is a dangerous weapon that can be used for a lot of bad thing, but in a warzone, pretty much everybody has one, so if someone is killer with a gun on a battlefield, its technically not a murder, its more like a fight, that that is won by either side, but the loosing side had a chance, but if some raging redneck starts killing people in suburban america, nobody had a chance, and thats what a massmurder is, shooting multiple terrorists in war isnt massmurder, its fighting, and massmurder is entirely different from fighting. A raging redneck wouldnt be much of a threat in a warzone, even if he had a gun.
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