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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

So, this is it?

Ever since Serena had entered the outskirts of what she assumed to be Silent Hill, a thick fog had covered the entire area, both giving the area a sense of foreboding and mystery as she couldn't really figure out what something was until she was right on it. There was something that seemed seemed even stranger though- but whatever it was, she couldn't quite figure it out.

It's probably just the lack of people out on the streets, Serena mused. It was almost ironic. She had always wanted to stay away from people, and now they had appeared to disappear into thin air. While it was a nice change, there had to be at least someone here...right? Curious, she went over to the nearest building for a look.

The building, a grocery store judging from the exterior, appeared to be in a moderate state of disrepair. The sign hanging from the roof was cockeyed, one of the supports on the right broken away. In addition, there were no lights shining from any of the windows. In every sense, it looked as if it had been abandoned for years.

Frowning at this discovery, Serena tried to figure out just what was going on. This makes no sense. I remember reading that this place had fallen on hard times, but to just leave a place like this alone? The whole town can't be like this! Out of habit, she readjusted the satchel on her shoulder.

Off in the distance, a muted sound carried through the dead air. Judging from the scuffling it was... footsteps? It was slightly muffled, but it was hard to deny that there was indeed some sort of movement in that direction.

Finally, maybe it's someone who knows what's going on here. “Hey, you over there!” Serena shouted where she thought the sound was coming, further down the street. “Do you know where everyone is?” Walking closer, she tried to figure out what was making the sound, hoping it wasn't just a stray dog or a random drunk in an alley.
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