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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Krystal Tompson
West Silent Hill

“Hey! Hey, wait up!”

I jogged after the misty, pale-blue figure as it silently floated away from me, never once stopped to acknowledge my presence. It was unnerving that the Beings in this freaky place were ignoring me like this. Some of the ones I’d met in the past weren’t very talkative, but they’d always, at the very least, nodded at me or said hello or done something to let me know they were aware of me. But ever since I’d woken up here (wherever the hell here even was), the Beings had either refused to respond to me, or weren’t aware of me. Whatever the issue, it wasn’t a comforting situation I now found myself in. I was desperate to try and find someone who could tell me where I was and possibly give insight to how I’d gotten here, but had met with nothing but failure.

“Hey, come on already, WAIT!” I yelled, but the Being kept on going. Transparent and wispy, it looked like a young woman dressed in tattered modern-day clothes. Everything below the knees was just a whirling fog, which was normal for humanoid Beings. She wasn’t exactly speeding along, but she was moving at a brisk enough pace that I was starting to get a nasty stitch in my left side. I’d been following her for about seven blocks now, often having to detour around various buildings as the Being phased through them. I finally decided to quit playing “Follow the Leader” and put on a burst of speed, running past the Being before turning and facing her. I put all my willpower and focus into getting her attention, hoping that it would do the trick. Beings fed off of being acknowledged in a lot of cases.

It didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, though. In fact, it didn’t work at all. The Being floated towards me without slowing down or focusing her distant gaze on me, and eventually passed right through me. Ice replaced my blood for a second as a vicious chill engulfed me, only to be replaced by searing heat that was like someone pouring lava into my veins. The unpleasant sensations soon faded, but I shivered for several seconds afterward from the unnatural contact. Once I’d recovered I turned to watch the Being continue on her way, grumbling to myself as I massaged the stitch now throbbing full-force in my side. I watched until I lost sight of her before turning away and looking around, trying to get a feel of where I currently was.

It was a residential area, with two-story houses of various color and build lining the streets. Most of the houses had windows broken or doors hanging loose on their hinges, though a few looked to be in relatively normal condition. I couldn’t see very far in any direction thanks to the fog that blanketed the entire town, but this area looked as deserted as anywhere else I’d seen so far. I sighed and picked a random direction, heading off in what was most likely a futile effort to find another Being to try and get information out of.

I only got a few steps before I felt something in my right pants pocket vibrating. I paused and pulled out my old phone, a flip-open Virgin Mobile that was probably going on six years old. It was beat-up and scuffy, covered in scratches and nicks. The speakerphone button didn’t work anymore and there were a couple of pixels that always stayed black, but it still carried out the sole function I’d gotten for, which was to talk to people. I could also send texts and get them, but the phone was so old it usually took several minutes for messages to get through either way. I opened the phone as it stopped vibrating and found I had a new text; unsurprising, since the phone didn’t have any sort of signal here and couldn’t get or make calls.

I opened the message and scrolled through it, but it was little more than random letters and symbols. It was the second one I’d gotten since arriving here, and I wondered if whatever was preventing the call feature from working was also corrupting the texts I was getting. Either that or maybe the darn thing had finally crapped out on me and needed to be chucked into the nearest river.

Sender: b)(f3#Faf1d2f[][][][][]….fefF#Ff3VERVR
Date Received: 12/23/12
Subject: {][RTtttttTTTTttttt#######p

The actual text itself was more unintelligible garbage:

YYYg3$T34g--#%#52fF## ___[][pofo3fF#
Q#DF#333#:F;fQFE F#F F#F FF#33fs -_-_-+++==;/;/
_ _ _f3f3f/.,WR>V<<>E<VE{{:F{oooOoo
…//..,mowevme____( X ) ____3wfe{PP3,pe

I shook my head and closed the phone, shoving it back in my pocket and suddenly getting a chill down my spine. I nervously glanced around, feeling jumpy and on-edge after reading the strange text. Something about it freaked me out even though it was just a jumble of words, letters, and symbols. I think what left me feeling so uneasy was the fact that someone had my number and was sending me these things to begin with.

I started to walk again, unable to keep myself from looking back from time to time to make sure I wasn’t being followed. I felt silly, but at the same time I couldn’t shake the sensation of being…watched…
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