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Default Re: Route 9

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Huh...

"O-ow....My leg." I stumbled. I then looked inside the pit. "Eeeeeeek?! How did I?!" No time! "Torrent, help!" I called him out. "Water Spout!"

Torrent leaned forward, then back, then forward again. He then expelled a great amount of water onto the two foes. Sandshrew was washed away, but the Sandile was determined.

"Saaand-dile!" Earthquake was launched. The sand collapsed and we were buried under it.

I dug my way out, as did Squirtle and Sandile. We continued the fight.

"Torrent use Hydro Pump!" I screamed, muffled by the blowing sand.

"Squirtlllllllllllllle! SQUIRT!" The Hydro Pump was a strong blast of water, washing Sandile back. The super-effective move took its toll and Sandile couldn't fight any longer.

"Nest Ball, do it!" I tossed the ball at the fallen 'dile.
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