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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Baltoy?!

"Well I've never seen one of these before..." I picked it up. It was surprisingly lighter than I had expected. Maybe around 50 lbs.

"I am Baltoy. What are you?" It questioned me in a psychic-robotic-ish type voice. It's red markings glowed as it spoke.

"Eek.." it surprised me.

"WHAT?! EEK?!" He cried.

"N-No! I was just surprised. I've never seen anything like you..." I studied it.

"URF..." it looked at me.

I continued to study it's every aspect.

"...Are you finished?" It questioned.

"Oh right, sorry!" I apologised. I pull out a Pokeball. "Torrent! The stage is yours!"

"Squirtle! I'm ready!!" he cried out.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Baltoy cried.

"I'm going to capture you silly!" I smiled at him.

He seemed to ponder for a while. "I am interested in carbon-based life forms such as yourself. I would be glad to travel with you if you can capture me."

"Awesome, it's settled! Torrent, now use Fake Out!" I commanded.

"Y-yah!" Torrent clapped his hands together, dazing the little Pokemon.

"Now, Yawn!" I pointed at him.

"Squirtllllllleeeeee..." Torrent let a huge yawn, tiring the Baltoy.

Baltoy arose. "Whuawhuawhuawhuawhua..." Extrasensory was used.Then followed by a devastating Earth Power. However, Torrent remained strong. Baltoy however, was now asleep.

"Now Squirtle, Hydro Pump!" I called.

The tiny turtle, leaned back, absorbed energy in the air and summoned his internal power. He let out a forceful blast of water. Baltoy's high defenses kept him...well...not fainted, but not conscious because of sleep.

This was my chance. "Great Ball, go!" I tossed the ball at the Pokemon.
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If you're quite finished violating this poor wild Pokemon, let's get this show on the road.






Baltoy was caught!
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