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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (SU/Discussion)

Double-postin', whoo!

Name: Krystal Tompson

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Description: Krystal is about 5’6” tall and weighs around 115 lbs. She is lean and slim, and has subtle muscles thanks to her habit of going to the gym to work out for an hour every day. She has hip-length burgundy hair and eyes that are such a striking shade of electric-blue they almost look like they’re glowing. She could be considered pretty, but sees herself as average in terms of looks. Her hair is usually done up in a simple braid to keep it out of the way.

Krystal usually wears lighter clothes, preferring colors like white, tan, and baby-blue over darker colors. She has several pairs of steel-toes shoes (a force of habit after she was nearly kidnapped in her younger years), and these are generally the only dark things she wears.

Krystal has three long parallel scars that run from her right side to her belly button. She can’t remember how she got them, but knows it was something bad that caused them. She has a habit of wearing long shirts to reduce the risk of anyone seeing the scars should her shirt hike up a bit, as she finds them ugly and is extremely self-conscious about them. People who do notice them are given a very curt, “I don’t remember” whenever they ask about them.

Personality: Krystal is a very social, outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people. She isn’t shy and will gladly strike up conversations with strangers. She is easy to get along with and has a large sense of humor, and will do her best to cheer up someone who’s clearly unhappy whether she knows them or not. She tries her best to be optimistic, feeling that being depressed and angry leads to nothing but heartache and sorrow in the end. Even in hard times she does her best to find the silver lining.

Krystal also tends to put others before herself, which means she usually neglects her own needs or desires. She dislikes competition and isn’t a fan of arguing; this doesn’t mean she’ll hide or lie about her beliefs just to avoid a confrontation. She usually just ignores someone if they harass her for what she believes in. She refuses to be baited into petty disagreements and has a strong distaste for people who enjoying heckling others.

Krystal doesn’t get mad very often, as her positive outlook on life and general easy-going nature let her shrug off comments or actions that would fluster others. However, a good way to make her very angry is to hurt someone she cares about, no matter whether physically, emotionally, or mentally. She hates physical confrontation as much as verbal confrontation, but won’t hesitate to throw a punch in defense of a loved one. Thanks to the past several years of her working out, she’s actually pretty tough and can easily hold her own in a melee fight.

Krystal is one of those people who is very trusting, while taking betrayal very poorly. She can become very close to someone within a matter of days, which isn’t surprising considering she’ll stand up for someone she doesn’t even know. While she doesn’t react well to people who turn out to be untrustworthy, she can’t help but give everyone she meets the benefit of the doubt. There are those who think this open nature is to counter the fact that she was nearly abducted when she was younger; instead of letting her fear get the best of her, she overcame it and became the friendly person she is today.

There are times when Krystal will get into what she calls a “Mood”. During these times she becomes quiet and withdrawn, as well as very anxious and tense. She will do everything in her power to avoid being alone when struck by a Mood, as being on her own leaves her feeling incredibly vulnerable and fearful. The Moods don’t tend to last very long and only occur once in a while, but they can be worrisome to those who aren’t accustomed to them.

History: For as long as she could remember, Krystal had been able to see things other people couldn’t. Ghosts, spirits, demons, entities…whatever you wanted to call them, Krystal had the ability to perceive them and converse with them. She quickly learned not to mention these beings to her parents or other people after realizing they were different from the imaginary friends other children had. On top of that, the spirit of an elderly man named John had explained to her in one of his first visits that Krystal was special for being able to see him, but should keep the knowledge to herself since others wouldn’t understand and might think her odd. Many of the things she could see were inhuman, but only a very small number of them ever scared Krystal, and even fewer ever tried to hurt her. Most of the beings she met were rather protective of her, and would fend off others that meant her harm.

When she was eight, however, Krystal began to see something that terrified her quite a bit. It was a tall man dressed in a black suit with a red tie and no face. She would normally see him when she woke up in the middle of the night, but would be too afraid to cry or call for her parents. Sometimes spirits would try to comfort her, telling her to not be afraid of what she called the Skinny Man, that if she wasn’t afraid he couldn’t hurt her. During the several months she saw him, Krystal began to develop strange symptoms such as bouts of sudden coughing, agonizing headaches, and frequent nosebleeds. She also became extremely fearful, to the point where her parents had her seeing a child psychiatrist. The weekly sessions didn’t help her at all, and instead her condition grew worse.

Krystal abruptly went missing about a month before her ninth birthday, before returning one day before her birthday. When she returned it was in a nearby park, where a couple who recognized her from various missing flyers took her to the police station. Krystal had no memory of the time she was gone, but would wake up screaming and crying every night for the next year. It was when she returned that her parents discovered the three scars on Krystal’s side and stomach, but the girl didn’t remember how she’d gotten them. However, after the month she was gone, she no longer saw the Skinny Man, and her night terrors and paranoia slowly began to dwindle until she no longer had them. The other symptoms she had cleared up as well, and the young girl moved on with her life.

Things were relatively normal until she turned fourteen. She was walking home from the library after night had fallen when a blue car started to slowly drive beside her. After about three blocks the car stopped and an older man got out, following her on foot for another two blocks. He then rushed at the teenager and tried to grapple her to the ground, but thanks to the fact that she’d already been working out after school for about a year, the girl was able to wiggle away. A kick to the groin left the man temporarily incapacitated, and Krystal took the time to run to the nearest house. After explaining what had happened, the people called the police and the offender was arrested about twenty minutes later.

Everything was normal after that, or as normal as being able to see and talk to random beings could be. Krystal finished school, got a job working at a local pet store a few days after her nineteenth birthday, and moved into her own place about a month later. She often debated going to college, but ultimately decided she was more than happy working with animals all day (not to mention the pay and benefits were pretty good for a simple pet store). On the third anniversary of her hiring date, her vacation time was extended by two days. Deciding to use the 9-day break to do a bit of traveling and see the sights of other states, Krystal put in for her vacation time.

On the third day of her vacation, Krystal was approaching a closed-off town known as Silent Hill. Upon realizing she had to turn around and take a different road to go around the city, the young woman saw a person moving around off to the side of the road. The way they were moving made it seem like they were hurt, and being the caring person she is, Krystal pulled over and got out to ask if they were okay. The next thing she knew, an awful pain exploded in the back of her head and caused her to black out. When she came to, she found herself in a fog-enshrouded place that she didn’t recognize. After taking time to collect her wits, the young woman set off to find out where the hell she was and how she’d gotten there.

Additional Information: Krystal prefers going by Kris, as she finds the full use of her name too weird (odd, perhaps, that she doesn’t like being called a stone but doesn’t mind being called by a guy’s name). She was wearing khakis, a white long-sleeved t-shirt, and a black pair of steel-toed shoes when she was knocked out, so it’s what she’s wearing now. There are also very few entities that Krystal is aware of now, and when she tries to speak to them they ignore her. This, more than anything, has her unsettled and nervous, as entities have never before ignored her when she spoke to them.
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