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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

Professor Cedar’s Pokemon Laboratory is a spacious brick building set on a ranch, where Pokemon are bred for future trainers. Many large windmills dot the rolling hills, providing power for the lab and some of the buildings in Andromeda Town.

When you enter the lab, you find it to be cool and clean. Microscopes and other scientific equipment are scattered across the benches. A few lab assistants are sweeping, looking into microscopes or examining Pokemon.

A young woman in a stark white lab coat gets up from her chair when she sees you enter. “Hello, are you a new trainer?” she asks, looking you up and down. “I am Professor Cedar and I am interested in Pokemon physiology and the ways in which their extraordinary abilities have evolved over time.” She sits down at a nearby desk and pulls out a league registration form.

“Now, I suppose you are here for your starter Pokemon. We have a very large variety of Pokemon here as we believe that each person has a different affinity with each Pokemon and we want to produce strong bonds between Pokemon and Trainers. You may choose 1 Pokemon to take on your journey. You will also receive a PokeGear for communicating with other Trainers and 5 PokeBalls. Now choose your partner wisely!”

I fill out the form thinking to myself.

Name: Snow
Pokemon: Bulbasaur

Here you go professer and thanks
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