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OOC: Short post, just to introduce Hope and Lifewing into the group:

The Riolu and the Scyther were moving off. Apparently the Scyther had friends. The Riolu seemed nervous but safe. Hope smiled when he overheard the part about the healers. He turned to Lifewing.

“Healers,” Hope said, “Hopefully they’ll have something for your burn.”

Lifewing nodded, a twinkle in his eye betraying his calm face. He was excited that he could potentially fly again.

“How are we going to get into the group, though?” Hope said, looking straight at the Riolu, “I suppose we could-“

Suddenly Lifewing flew in, slamming into the Riolu.

“I am the Soul-Flyer!” the Pidgeotto announced loudly, “And I demand your hospitality!”

“Fool!” Hope screeched out, running towards his companion, “You can’t do that!”

“I hear you have healers among your group! Heal my injured-“

Lifewing gasped in surprise when he was struck in the side, his strong beak covered by the Sceptile’s scaly, three-fingered claw. He struggled against the hold, but he had never really anticipated the Hope for Dawn’s strength. The aged Pokemon looked in frustration at his young companion then turned to the group. There was a weird hybrid Pokemon, as well as two Scyther, a Pikachu, and a few others. Hope sighed, shifting his position so that his left hand was on Lifewing’s face and his right hand was extended to the Riolu the Pidgeotto had carelessly clobbered.

“Sorry about that,” Hope said, “Lifewing blusters quite a bit.”
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