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Default Re: Holiday Event? Yeah or Nah?

Alright; Secret Santa it is! :3 I'm assuming that everyone who voted is participating (if you can't, please contact me--post here, VM, PM, IM, w/e--and tell me as soon as possible).

Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight View Post
I think the inactivity is because of Christmas, you know, it's family time and you've got to go out and buy presents. Also, there are a lot of exams going on right now, I know at my school there have been a lot of exams going on lately. Maybe things'll brighten up a bit more in March or whenever the exams are over, it's a pretty busy time right now.
Indeed, though right now I'm in Winter Break (oh how I've missed sleep) and won't go back to school until January 7th, I believe. I'll try to get a new Ref test up and grade the submitted ones, while also restructuring how things are submitted to make them easier for me (since I'm the only really active Mod atm). I'll also try to get some Reffing done, but no promises. I have so much Break Homework I can't even describe. Damn AP classes. -.-

Anyway, I'll start formulating the list of who's gifting to who and etc. Happy Holidays, everybody! :D
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