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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Nope, 2011. xD You're 11? O: Wow, pretty mature! I'm 14 actually, ha ha. People are surprised I'm a mod at this age.

I basically just use Smogon as a guide, putting in their EVs, IVs, moves and all. xD I suck at EV training and IV breeding manually, so if I were to ever competitive battle, I'd be using PokeGen generated Pokemon, or legitimate hacks.
I get the age thing too many times, especially since I lead a clan :|

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
OMG Typhlo, you are a smogonite!?!?!

btw Welcome to PE2K

Okay so if someone from Serebii told you about us it was probably Master Aqua... I think his name was...
Don't know him too well yet *points to join date* I am just fairly active on here

yep I am fairly confident that you are looking for Master Aqua
I think Typhlo means that he uses Smogon as a guide for stuff. Smogonites are people to use their forums a lot, not just the website for a guide. And yes, I is Master Aqua, he is called th witch king of angmar on Serebii. :)

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