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Official's Note: I'm not sure if Judge has something going for you, Latios--if not, VM me and I'll get ya an event

Official's Post

Route 2, you soon find, is quite the pleasant path. The way is pretty straight, with no slopes to make your journey difficult. The sun is shining brightly, and despite the winter weather you find yourself growing warm. You glance at the trees lining the well-kept path, wondering about finding some shade. However, the undergrowth is quite thick. It'd be quite a hassle to try to cut through it.

While you're watching, the shrubbery suddenly starts shuddering violently. You stop and stare, wondering what could possibly be causing the bushes to move. Perhaps it's another Pokemon? You watch with anticipation, eager to add yet another member to your team.


The bushes part as the earth-shattering roar rings out, and something quite massive surges towards you with incredible speed. Soon you find yourself staring into a ferocious, sharp-toothed face.

What the heck? A Gyarados? There's no way you can catch this! How do you react?
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"What's going on over there? Why is the bushes shuddered fast? Might be a Pokemon." Akmal wondered.

"Whatttt?? A Gyarados out of nowhere? I know that I hope for a Water pokemon to show up but this is too tough for me" Akmal thinking a way to get out from there.

"Well I can't catch this for sure let's make a run for it guys.."

"Vuelo use Sand Attack, Pyro Confuse Ray and Rotta use Sucker Punch" Akmal command his pokemon in order to escape as fast as possible.

The Gyarados is confused and its aim keep missing due to Vuelo Sand Attack.

"This is our chance guys. Return." Akmal call back his pokemon and run as fast as he can.

"I wonder what makes the Gyarados acting so ferocious? Should I try to calm it?"
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