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OOC: Ha! I can tell that between Snowsong and Flash, Isla might go crazy. Isla and Yuri sure aren't going to be happy... *Evil laugh*

Isla and Flash (Leafeon and Flareon)

Isla growled as Snowsong stalked away, and glanced at the Yuri, who appeared both hurt and angry by the Glaceon's rude comments. With a lash of her leafy tail, the Leafeon chased after her, furious. She wasn't sure how far the Glaceon had run, but soon the Pokemon's shape became visible and the Leafeon leapt at the Glaceon, who was facing toward the trees.

"What is the matter with you?" Isla growled. "Yuri may be an outsider to you, but she is a friend of everyone else in our group. Not to mention that without her your Charmeleon friend wouldn't have stood a chance!"


Flash slowly padded through the swamp, growing tired, but determined to continue on until he found others of the valley. He knew Isla and whoever she was with couldn't be far away. Pausing, the Flareon looked up and opened his mouth.


Yuri (Pikachu)

Yuri's cheeks sparked with fury as she glared in the direction Snowsong and Isla had disappeared off to. She hoped that the Glaceon didn't come back. That Pokemon had such a horrible outlook at those not from the valley and it made her furious. She was not Firestorm, she would not hurt her new friends.

At least, she didn't think she ever would. Could she betray someone that way? She certainly didn't think she could, but could they think she would? Glancing around at the group she gave an uncharacteristic scowl, ears flattening and stalked a small distance away from them to ponder her thoughts.
Credit to Dylan for the avvie and banner. :D

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