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Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
Japan would be a sufficient comparison when speaking per capita, since Japan has half the population of the United States. Japan's homicide rate is 0.3, multiplied by two is 0.6. In 2006, Japan had 3 shootings, multiplied by two is 6. America's homicide rate is 4.3. In 2006, two years after the ban on assault rifles expired, the U.S saw over 10,000 shootings. I'd say reduction in gun crime correlates to a reduction in overall crime. What's more, it makes it far harder for something like the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting to occur again.

The second amendment was authored prior to a federal standing military, and was specifically intended for state-run militia. The second amendment:

This amendment was not fully accepted by the Supreme Court for the individual right to bear arms prior to 1977, when the National Rifle Association became co-opted by weapon manufacturers and lobbied the government. It is a no brainer that gun laws need to be strengthened, and anyone who argues otherwise is a fool. I propose the following laws:

Concealed weaponry is forbidden.
Weapons on federal property is forbidden.
Gun shows are forbidden.
The unlicensed, unauthorized, and/or online sale of ammunition is forbidden.
Depending on the firearm, a reasonable limit on ammunition is required.
Once ammunition is spent, casings must be returned to the company.
When a firearm is used, the citizen is required to file a report and to attend a firearm safety seminar.
An annual week-long firearm safety class is required.
A single weapon may only be registered to a single family.
The weapon may not be more than .20 caliber.
The weapon may not be semi or fully automatic.
The weapon cannot be a shotgun or rifle.
The firearm must be registered by the local, state, and federal police.
You may not have a history of mental illness.
You must have a filed psychiatric evaluation before legal possession of a firearm.
The firearm must be locked inside a bullet-proof case.
The police must check annually for possession of the firearm.
Justification is required for the possession of a firearm.
Weapons tax, ammunition tax, and discharge tax are mandatory, no exceptions.
Personal transfer of firearms is forbidden.
If the weapon is found in the possession of another individual, with unlawful transfer, both the owner and perpetrator will be sentenced for an appropriate time in federal prison.
Totally agree. There's nothing else to be said. I personally think you just said everything I was thinking.
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