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Default Re: Members VS Staff [v2]

Dragotech and I have been talking, and we have come to a decision. Since he will not have much time to post for 18 weeks starting from May, we have decided that Jack (his character) will leave the chosen for a bit. He will be replaced by a 9th Chosen, who won't join te group until Jack leaves. I am leaving sign-ups closed, because it would be unfair towards the person who signs up for this position to not start until next may. So I am writing the character myself.

Name: Chelsea Collins
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Chelsea has been sheltered from the real world by her parents. Because of this she is very naive, and will see the good in things even if it isn't there. This also doubles making her an optimist, and easy to get along with. She is very trusting, and will not hold grudges.
Appearance: Chelsea has long brown hair with green eyes. She is relatively short, and usually hates having her hair tied back.
Hometown and Country: Born in New York, but is at boarding school in England.
History: Chelsea grew up with everything a child could possibly want. Her father was a famous movie director and her mother a super model, so money was no issue. She was born in New York, but because of her parents careers, was homeschooled by tutors until she was 13. Even though she travelled with her parents, they were always distant and didn't had much time or her. She has lived in Melbourne, Sydney, Venice, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Manchester, Paris, and many other cities over the course of her life. When she turned 13, her parents decided it would be best for her education if she went to a boarding school. She was moved to a boarding school in England and has lived there for the past 3 years. When the meteor landed on the 21st, she snuck out to see it, but was caught out after curfew, and forgot about it. Months after the original 8 Chosen grouped together and began their fight against the shadow Creatures, she felt like going for a late night walk. She on this walk she found the meteor with her amulet and a pokemon egg containing Blue, her Mudkip.
Partner Pokemon and Nickname: Blue (Mudkip)

Chelsea will join the Chosen when Jack leaves, but will remain when Jack returns. I chose a girl to keep it balanced ha ha

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