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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

(OOC: Er, Sheepat’s characters didn’t really interact with Gladewing, so… I’m gonna go ahead and move him towards the others. Sheepat’s charries can catch up ^^ Also, lol, Snowsong sure got a rise out of everyone xD She’s gonna be fun, har har)

Gladewing (Scyther)
Currently: Returning to group

As the Riolu considered Gladewing’s offer, he suddenly dropped his berry and clutched at his shoulder. Gladewing opened his mouth in surprise, and nearly started forward—but the moment seemed to pass. Sy stood and turned to the Scyther with a nod.

“O… okay, I’ll go with you,” the pup agreed.

The young Scyther was relieved with this answer. Smiling at the Riolu, he said, “Excellent! Follow me then—they shouldn’t be too far.”

After checking his hold on the berries, the Scyther turned and started leading the way back to the others. He glanced over his shoulder at Sy once or twice, growing concerned about the injury the Riolu seemed to have. He was curious about how such a young pup would earn such a wound, but he knew better than to ask. Sy seemed to be haunted by some cruel memory, and Gladewing certainly didn’t want to bring it up.

Instead, he happily informed him, “There’s two healers in our pack who should be able to take a look at that shoulder. They’re quite nice, and certainly know their trade. Ironically, both of them are Pikachu. Yuri and Torin are their names.”

He went on to talk about some of the others in the group—from the Furret siblings to the elderly Absol Brokenstar, giving their names, species, and personality. The one person Gladewing didn’t touch upon, however, was the Scyther Bladestrike…

Before long, they came into the clearing where the Pokemon were gathered. Gladewing paused a moment, glancing down at the berries in his arms. He felt a bit apprehensive over how the others would react to such a meager meal… They wouldn’t be too disappointed, would they? He hated letting them down, but at least he could try harder in the future.

“Here we are,” Gladewing whispered to Sy, then called out a greeting to the first Pokemon he saw. “Ho, Nightfang! Greetings, everyone! I have returned! And, er, I hope you don’t mind that I brought a new friend.”

Snowsong (Glaceon) and Embyr (Charmeleon)
Currently: Making everyone upset

Snowsong bristled as she got all kinds of reactions from the pack. Her hair stood on end, and the temperature of the air around her began dropping rapidly as her frustration grew. Diamond dust began sparkling around her, and frost webbed its way across the ground beneath her paws.

The Glaceon was hardly impressed by Bladestrike’s retort, and was unfazed by his behavior. Yuri, however, was the first to speak out against her.

"I'm not one of you, either. Should I just leave and save you all the trouble?"

Snowsong snorted, and was about to say something in response before the others started joining in. The Leafeon, then the Absol and the mutant… Snowsong’s scowl deepened into growl the more they reprimanded her. The thing that upset her the most was Brokenstar’s comment on Firestorm—she made him sound like he was actually a normal Pokémon, a creature worth existence.

“Say what you want!” the Glaceon finally yelled. “I don’t care! One thing's for certain,” she turned and gave Yuri an especially dour look. “It was an Outsider who did this to us.”

Before anything else could be said, Snowsong turned her back to the pack and stormed off. She hardly paid attention to where she headed. Yet before she got too far, an obnoxious noise met her ears. She froze, turning her ears to the source of the sound. Something big—very big—was crashing through the trees.

“Who’s there?” she demanded, hair standing on edge as she shifted into a threatening position.

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