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Default Re: Leaves/Temporary Leaves/I'm Back Thread

Originally Posted by Negative Zone View Post
Hey I remember you... Doubt you remember me, though.
I might, did you have a different username before? O:

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
Of course I do. Merines. Epic RP. Such a simple idea but it worked so incredibly well. That's proof you don't need an overly complex plot or a whole load of needless developments going on to have a cool and awesome RP going.

Hope you've been doing alright. Happy Holidays.
Neoooo, man it's been too long. C:

Thanks a lot, can you believe it's been five years since I joined and started that RP up? I still remember someone didn't join because they thought it was a n00by misspelling of The Marines. xD If we could get the crew back together I would love to start it up, for old time's sake, but alas, lack of activity has always brought it down. :C

On the bright side, our friendly neighborhood Merines is planning on turning it into a novel so, go figure. vuv

I hope you're doing great too, dude. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you. :D

(And to everyone else for that matter!!!)
Want to catch up with me once I inevitably go inactive again?

Tumblr is
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Now you know. <3
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