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You took to the trees in hopes of find this guy and getting your pokemon back. The thug didnt seem like very agile guy so you hoped to find him stuck in the mud. As you reached for that first branch you were unsure of a lot things, where it would take you, would it support your weight. These were all good questions. Hoppip ignored your worries trying to get you to move along quicker.
"Hoppip Hop!"

The little pink seemed to be just what you needed at a bad time. You almost felt as if it was a little lucky charm so you kept going forward as you moved through the trees you found to your surprise the goon stuck in the mud. As you approached you noticed him struggling. From your angle you could see everything, yet he didnt notice you...

"Darn it! Whats with this mud !! "

The thief tries to break free of it moving very slowly.

"Aww my leather is getting dirty !"

Now that you found him write a paragraph about your battle with him to get your pokemon back !
Logan Falchino
Kunai (Asleep) KatAna (Asleep, Stolen) Divebomb (Asleep, Stolen) Hoppip
Return to Sender

Logan really needed a name for that Hoppip.

Regardless, Logan felt no need to do anything other than use a simple Stun Spore, retrieve his Pokemon, and use Aromatherapy from a safe distance.

"...Alright, do you know Stun Spore?" Logan asked of the Hoppip. It nodded. This was simple.

Silently (to Logan's fortune: Had it made noise, the thief would have found Logan no matter how well-hidden he was), the Hoppip Buddy he made was releasing an orange powder from the ferns on its head, hovering over the thief. The powder fell fast and quickly, and before he could register, the thief fell face-first into the mud.

Logan dropped down gently into the boot-high mud right next to the thief, rolling his body over to pat him down. The brute was relieved that he was going to not die of suffocation, but immediately took offense to the fact he was caught. And not kindly. "Ah, D**m...You f***ing ba****d..."

Logan quickly found where the thief had stored the former's Pokemon: The thief himself only had one other Pokemon, a Geodude (which Logan found out upon briefly releasing it: the first thing said Geodude did was attempt to push his master out of the mud). The others were the unconsious Pokemon Logan had (KatAna and Divebomb).

"Give those...Back, a**hole...I stole 'em...Fair 'n' square..." The thief said.

Logan facepalmed. He then jumped up towards the branches and climbed back up after a few seconds of struggling against gravity.

"Aromatherapy. We need to leave after he's gotten back up, he'll follow for sure and try something like he did before." Logan asked of his Hoppip Buddy. Hoppip obeyed, releasing that green-hued aroma. Despite the fact that the thief's additional movement clearly signified it's sucess, clearly the mud around him wasn't helping.

"Ah, come on! Come back here, I stole those Pokemon fair and square, and you can't steal them back! Give me those things back!" The thief yelled out, angry at his apparent total failure and appaerntly still stuck in the mud. Logan just left, continuing to climb through the trees, tracing his steps back to Glomm's trainer, hopefully making sure that the whole scenario is over with. He could hear a rock being thrown, apparently in anger by the thief not soon after he started going back, and then the shouting of a huge string of profanities, and finally overly-loud sobbing. Talk about overreaction. The brute was free to move, even. Then again, it possibly was just a ruse to make Logan go back so the thief could pull another trick out and steal ALL of his possessions. Either way, no cigar for him. Logan found where the mud was only track-deep (as in, he could walk normally) and decended again, finding regular walking faster.
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