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Default Re: Route 24

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: A Pokemon?!

"Heehee, well Spearow, it looks like you're mine now!" I laughed, somewhat maniacally. "Torrent, take the stage!"

"Squuuirt!" He called.

"Fake Out quickly!" I pointed. Torrent ran over and clapped the bird with his hands, stunning it momentarily. "Now Hydro Pump!"

"Squirrr...TLE!" A high volume of water was pumped from Torrent. Spearow was already KOd.

"Pokeball g-" I stumbled. Spearow got up and drank the Aprijuice down to a little left before I manged to scare it away. "M-My Aprijuice!" I cried.

I still had a a small bit left, maybe enough for one Pokemon if even that. "Thief Spearow..." I sobbed.

I kept the bait going and hid behind the bush again.
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