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We already plain and simple do NOT have the right to rise up and overthrow the government by force, the second amendment is mostly just an illusion of that right. Guns or no guns, you know it'd be put down by the government and military with an equally excessive form of force.

You can live in constant fear of that fact, or you can enter the modern era, where we have decided to make changes in our government through a democratic process, rather than by making a riot and blowing everyone's heads off.

Yes, you can kill someone without a gun. But think about it. The number of people who make conscious plans to go kill a number of people are a special breed of psychotic that don't necessarily reflect most people, or even most gun deaths. Things like this school shooting happen, but they are rare. Most murders are at least semi-spontaneous. The most likely person to kill you is your spouse, actually.

Having a gun lowers the risk to your person in committing a murder, increases your success chance, and makes it a faster process that is easier to do in a "twitch-reflex" fashion. We're not all hardened killers. To be blunt, most of us don't have the balls to kill someone with our bear hands or get up into hand-to-hand range and try to slice them up with a knife whilst getting blood all over us. Most of us are cowards.

It's so much easier to kill with a gun, and the easier something is to do, the more likely someone will do it. You come home, find your husband in bed with another (man, woman, whatever you are), and you have a gun handy already? I would bet there is a much higher chance that you are going to try to kill him than if you had to do it with your bare hands.

Guns are the great equalizer. They let you murder someone you could never take in a fight, someone you wouldn't even try to jump with bare fists. Someone 2 feet taller than you, or 50lbs more muscular than you.

To otherwise kill someone you can't take in a fight takes careful planning and the element of surprise. The longer you have to think about something like this, the less likely you will do it. You are more likely to kill in a blind rage, you're more likely to kill IMMEDIATELY when someone pisses you off, while the adrenaline is still there, making you brave.

When you sit around and think about it, you start asking yourself a lot of questions:
+Do I really want to do this?
+Can I even get away with this?
+Do I want to spend my life in jail?
+Is my plan even going to succeed? I could go to jail and not even kill the **%#)$!

And the more the average person thinks about it, the less likely they are to do it. Having a gun in your pocket completely jumps past this. You can do it right now, while you're still mad. This is the only reason having a gun as a weapon instead of just a knife, sword, beer bottle, or bare hands is even significant. It significantly reduces the time needed to make a successful kill, and as humans we all often need time to weigh significant decisions in our lives. That's why there's often waiting periods for "big deal" things like getting a sex change, or, in my state (California), buying a gun. We still have guns. We don't allow mental patients or convicted felons to have them, you need a permit to carry concealed, assault weapons are completely banned, all guns can only be sold by licensed dealers, you must show ID, and a background check is sent to the police from the dealer, along with a 10 day waiting period and the inability to purchase more than one gun during a 30 day period.

This is probably the model for the future of the US if we want to keep the right to have guns, and I don't know how anyone could really disagree with those things. Contrast this to other states, some in which 16 year-old kids can buy guns without their parents' permission and carry them legally on the streets.

I can defend myself without a gun. I have both pepper spray and a very effective stun gun, which I could use to non-lethally subdue a person entering my house or bothering me on the street. People like to raise the "Oh but what if it was you and you didn't have a gun????" question but really it's false to assume that a gun is the only way to defend yourself. I own weapons that are actually strictly for self-defense and in fact are non-lethal. You can not kill or even permanently injure someone with the type of stun gun I have. The voltage is only significant enough to cause intense pain and immobilize the person. A stun gun will put your butt on the ground immediately. The electrical current disrupts your brain's ability to give commands to your muscles, rendering you unable to move.

I would simply subdue you and call the police. I feel no need to murder murderers, any more than I feel the need to rob burglars, or rape rapists. It's just ridiculous. I am better than that.

Apparently 101% of all teenagers are homosexual. Who knew?

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