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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Name: Jacen
Status: Being Held Captive
Hydra, the Wartortle (level 16) (Unknown Condition)
Points: 29

Jacen shook his head. "I am telling the truth. There is something in this hideout thats drawing to me. I think..."he hesitated again. "it could be the Shadow Gem. I only heard about it in legends, but it feels like the Shadow Gem." He then looked at Red. "The reason why we broke in, though, was to find you. Looks like I got caught, huh? The others are hopefully having more luck."

Blue Team
total points earned: 118
points spent:94
current points: 24

Pokemon In Party:
-Hydra, the Wartortle(Male) (level 16)
-Aerian, Fearow (Male)(level 6)
-Sandra, the Sandslash (Female)(level 27) (silk scarf)
-Machop, the Machop level 11
-Butterfree, level 10
-Geodude, level 8

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