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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(Red is all be held captive)
Location: Rocket's Underground Holding Cell.

(With team rocket grunts)

Side Pokemon;

Red leaned back against the wall.
" No point in lying to me Jacen. Im in the same position you are in. What did you break in for ? Maybe I can tell you where to find it if we get out of here."


Location: Moving through the Rocket Base under the Casino


Corey stands there looking at wiring running from the door.
"Maybe we could follow this ?"

Stacy nods and the group splits up. Charlie and Stacy head off down further into the experiment labs, Meg and Corey move in the opposite direction looking for a control room.

Even more meanwhile ! 3 weeks ago...

Markus feels his feet lock up.
*No you are staying here for this battle.*

Markus tries to fight but finds its pointless.

*To run would be weak. This cowards have hidden from us for to long ! Oh and if we lose, he will try and maybe even succeed at killing you..*

Bruno gives Markus space to walk. He reaches for pokeballs on his belt.
"You better not hold back creature because after what you have done, I do not intend on stopping until you perish."

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