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A well-dressed young man walks by as you settle down with your team.

"A new trainer, I see! Looks like you're off to a good start, having 3 Pokemon on your team already!" He smiles approvingly, then continues. "Don't forget that you can only catch two Pokemon on a route per week! If you wanna catch some more, I recommend travelling to the next route as soon as you get a chance!"

He looks your team over.

"Hmm...y'know, your team is very weak to Rock-types. Fire, Normal, and Flying won't do any good against Rock! I suggest adding a Water or Grass type to your team as soon as possible."
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"Owh hi~ Yes I'm new here" said Akmal to Jacob.
"Thanks for the advice I realize that. I'll try to catch other type of pokemon as soon I get to the new Route." as Akmal look at his team.
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