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Default Re: Back to Basics: Fossil Fusion Moved

I watched as my Park Ball soared in the direction of Farfetch’d. It bounced on the creature and consumed it once again. I watched as it wiggled around the floor continuously. It was wriggling away and then I awaited the ping sound for capture.

“Come on…” I said to myself. “We got this Cryogonal,” Cryogonal levitated around and watched carefully too. PING. I waved my arms in the air and noticed the Park Ball stood still.

“YES,” I shouted. “I captured Farfetch’d!” I was so happy. I watched Gaius walk over to the captured Park Ball and slipped it into his back pack.

“Congratulations,” Gaius said to me. “We can continue whenever you are ready.”

I nodded and quickly brought out my Pokeball to return Cryogonal. “Good job buddy.”

“Let us press on, Gaius,” I said and followed.
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