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Default Re: Guns in America

^ wow way to act like a mod dude!

2nd amendment states that we have the right to bear arms basically to defend ourselves from a corrupt government blah blah blah

cool so how many times have we used guns to protect ourselves from tyranny
right ok so now how many times have we used guns to kill each other and ourselves
that's what I thought

the only people who ever use guns to kill people are real criminals who will just gets the guns illegally anyway!!
that is such a BS claim. it just is. guns are an everyday commodity here in the US.

gun laws here protect people WITH guns, not from guns.
gun laws here protect the murderer, not the victim.

honestly if you can look at public shootings and say that guns are ok because maybe somebody could have seen the event and shot the murderer, potentially saving would-be victims
that's just flawed logic
who's going to bring a gun to a movie theater because they want to make sure they can defend themselves incase a serial killer waltzes in with an AK47. who's going to have a gun on their hip as they walk into Toys R' Us, or McDonald's, or Walmart because they're sure having it is going to shield them from any harm.
nobody who's smart.
you don't prepare for mass murder.

how can we live in a society that condones public usage of tools of destruction for the purpose of self-defense, when in reality they are just about never used for that purpose. how is this even a debate.

america's just dumb and likes to rely on traditional values that don't apply throughout changing times. were guns useful to protect one's self back in the Frontier days where grizzly bears and native american attacks were actual threats? sure. do we need guns now for the purpose of self defense? I don't know, does it feel like the early 1800's to you?

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