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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
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God actions are causing you to be uneasy you look around to see what is causing the noise. You hear a branch snap and turn around only to see God rolling passed you. You are very confused when you see what did it.

Standing a few feet away is a curious looking creature.

A wild Ducklett appears

Write a paragraph about either a battle or capture.

Trainer: Steak
Currently: excuse you

well that was rude.
you return God to his Poke Ball.

alright, you weird little angry bird. time to show you what you've gotten yourself tangled up in. you get ready to send out Brobat to lay down the hurt, but you realize something very important.
you must follow up on this pun.
you pull out a different ball and release Tangela.

hey tangle buddy. let's show this rude dude what for.

> Tangela: Use Poisonpowder!

you have Tangela send out a Poisonpowder, evening the battlefield a bit. Grass will be normally effective against Ducklett, but this guy can fend Tangela off with his Flying moves.
the purple haze settles around Ducklett and it begins coughing, trying to shake off the toxic dust. it takes to the air and swoops down, hitting Tangela with an Aerial Ace attack.

> Tangela: Use Bind, then Giga Drain!

Tangela stretches outs its vines, ensnaring the duck Pokemon and reeling it in, all the while draining its energy. Ducklett tries to respond by spraying around with Water Gun, but Tangela maintains its grip without flinching. Soon, the poison makes Ducklett weak, and it faints.

well done you weird little Eldritch tentacle monster.
you return Cthulhu to its Poke Ball and proceed onwards.

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