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Default Re: Guns in America

The gun may not have it's own will, but it sure does help accomplish the kill.

Gun laws dramatically decrease the chance to kill someone with a gun. Making anything illegal is not a surefire way to stop all the crimes that will ever happen again with that gun, it just decreases the likelihood of it happening. When drugs were illegal back in the 19th century, almost everyone used them, for coughs, colds, and even for babies that couldn't sleep, and of course recreational. When the drugs were associated with negative properties, they were criminalized. This drastically reduced the use, sell, and importation of drugs. Did that stop everyone form using them? Well of course not. The point is that the rates dramatically decreased, which would be the goal of gun laws.



People seem to fail to realize this most of the time. All we want is stricter gun laws so these tragedies don't keep occurring. For god's sake, 20 children were robbed of their lives for no reason.

Also, yes Sealboy, there were NO deaths in the China Stabbing. None of them died. They received a slashing and that was about it. All survived and all are doing very well.

Guns require no ID to receive. Even though most gun shootings are from illegally obtained weaponry, the legally obtained shooting guns would not be used. This would also decrease the mortality rate.

Guns are used for 2/3 of killing in the US. Sharp objects are 17% and other is 6% (actual statistics from the government). It's a lot harder to kill 20 people in a few seconds with a knife than with a gun. This means the attacker could be stopped in time before mass deaths.

Guns aren't the entire problem, but they are most of it. Unless we can outlaw anything used as a weapon (basically anything), then we're out of luck. You can be gagged to death with a shoe, or bashed in the head by a pencil sharpener. Guns are the main problem in this, however.

I believe they should be only used by officers only, but again, that'd never pass here because of the repugnicants wanting their gun rights. Whether people like it or not, the White House is already doing something about this and they're acting fast. New gun laws could be set in early next year.
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