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Default Re: Guns in America

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Guns dont kill people...people kill people.
Agreed, but removing their rights to owning guns reduces the likelihood of murder - have you seen the figures of how many people in America die from gun violence?

This link has two issues:

1) It's irrelevant due to the fact it happened in China. We're talking about America here. To be honest, the likelihood of children being murdered at a school by a knife is so much more lower than that of a gun. To me, it sounds like China have some law enforcement issues.

2) People were slashed - it says nothing about anyone dying from that incident. Other incidents on that page, yes, but the initial story was only about injuries. Again, it sounds like a law enforcement issue by China.

People shouldn't be able to use guns to protect themselves - it's a mistake on the American government's part by allowing people to own them.

Britain have next to no gun crime, only teenagers on the streets with knives. Even then we're cutting down on the number of knife violence - restricting the population from guns is one of the best things a country can have.

Nobody should be able to carry a gun but the law enforcement.


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