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Saying that crimes would go down by banning guns is straight out just plain crap, Dredds link totally explains this, if guns were never invented, criminals would be using bows, swords, knives, sticks, or even their bare hands, guns cant kill anyone, they are inanimate objects with no free will, a gun, just like all weapons, have just as much power as you give it, its harmless in the hands of a friendly person, but in the hands of a potential murderer it is lethal. Gun skeptics argue that its so much easier to kill someone with a gun than any other weapon, but its not, its just faster and more effective and makes less mess, with that being said, a gunshot is not a guaranteed kill, the bullet still has to hit the target, and in a massacre its not like on a shooting range, in a shooting range, you have as much time as you want to aim and shoot, but in a massacre the time is restricted, you dont have an aimbot that autokills your target, hitting something with a gun takes practice, and most criminals dont have the skill needed.

Also, then you think of America, you think of the USA, Hollywood, calm looking cul-de-sacs, a peaceful country, but all of the USA is not like that, there are places that are indeed dangerous. take Detroit for example, Detroit is a typical poor city, and its crime numbers are high, its safer to have a gun than not having a gun if you live there, because banning guns wont magically cause all the guns in USA to vanish.
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