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Default Guns in America

Okay there needs to be a thread on this where I can post the unreasonable things people do with guns.

1) The Aurora and Newtown shootings

Self-explanatory. I've been waiting for a gun massacre to happen since Aurora because I knew it would. All I can say is oh well, because nothing will be done because of obstructive republicans (no, not my opinion. It's actually happening). It'll happen again too. Whether it be 5 months or 5 days.

2) A guy in a pizza store shot a person in the torso twice because his vegetable pizza was taking over 10 minutes. He claims his acts were just because of 'Self defense' and 'stand your ground'.

Do I even have to say anything...?

3) The outrageous claims that people need assault rifles for self-defense.

Assault rifles should be banned plain and simple. They have no other use but for killing. If you must have a gun get a small pistol and shoot it at them. You can cause damage, but no need to blow their head off.

4) Gun control doesn't mean taking all guns.

I think we should ban the sell, use, distribution, and import of guns in the US, but again, the stingy conservatives would never let that pass. If anything, we need to input gun control. People that often cause shoot-outs are gang members or mentally ill patients. Anyone with a history of mental illness or criminal record should by no means have a gun of any sort. They should have no access to guns whatsoever, nor access to purchase them. Large ammunition clip capacaties should also be banned. You need at most three shots to kill (or even over kill) a human being. There's no need for there to be 200 rounds for one gun.

5) Guns are easier to get the sudafed.

Ridiculous, right? I mean seriously. Meth is honestly less dangerous than guns. To purchase sudafed for a cold and cough, you need a Photo-I.D., you can only buy a limited amount, and how much you buy when you buy it and where you live is input in an all-database computer so meth can be traced back to you.

For guns: No photo-I.D. required, you can buy as many as you want with as many accessories and ammunition as you want, you are not marked in any way. All you have to do is pick one and pay, which is exactly what the Aurora Shooter did.

6) People collect guns for fun

I shouldn't have to say anything about this. By NO means should ANYONE collect guns for FUN. Guns are war weapons and should not be taken lightly. I understand there are people who hunt, well all you need is one gun. Anyone having a gun should KNOW how to care for it and how to handle it. It's often the stupidity and ignorance that kills. Target practice and fun shooting should be totally illegal and anyone who does this should have their gun rights revoked. This is the most dangerous use of a military weapon. It's exactly like shooting nukes at boulders on a smaller scale.

Guns are taken way too lightly here. They in fact are VERY dangerous and I would never allow anyone under the age of 21 to use them.
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