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Default Re: George W. Bush: What do you think?

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002
Oh gosh don't ever talk about 911 here.
Why not?

A basis of an argument for Bush being a weaker president than the "good president" you are saying is 911.
The shakiest base ever. The whole PDA, the small little tidbits, people hypocritically expect these things to make a difference, where as even if he had done something, there is a good chance that it wouldn't have helped.

I have to give it to Bush that he did pretty much the only thing that he could possibly do so that the Americans (majority) would support him.
And that would be? I find this whole "So america would support him" thing to be crap. The only time that ever happens is during election year. Otherwise, you aren't preforming. Your working.
Naturally, like all presidents, he comes to the Canadians for extra help. Smart thing to do, cosidering we have 1 helicopter and 10 planes that can barely make it to mach 1. On top of that, we have an army so big that the mafias (like any one of them) within Canada can wage war against us an actaully win. Yes asking for help is right, but not the Canadians.
If I'm not mistaken, you weren't the only ones he asked for help from. Canada has one thing that we would need: man power. That's it!
Okay, so we send pretty much what we've got to help them out in the war on Afganistan. We have a idiot American bombing 4 of our Canadian soldiers. The American media called it "instrumental error", our media said "human error". Either way, Bush should have full claim of this terrible accident and well at least compensate for their families. Nothing. We had to compensate for the families of the 4 dead soldiers who died tragically for no reason. This also leads to us no longer helping the US in their war against terrorism.
Someone doesn't seem to realize how far back you can branch the blame for an accident. Listen, either from human or instrumental, it was an "error". A mistake. A fluke. It's like pointing the blame exclusively at the parents of the columbine kids. You can't, simply because they weren't the ones holding the trigger, or planning it. It's something you just don't seem comeing. Another thing is that George Bush can't attend to ever little itty bitty need for each person. (If I'm not mistaken, you still have troops in Iraq, correct? I could've sworn that you did). He can't be held accountable for each person that gets mugged on the street.

Tell me, if severing national relations is a GOOD thing that a GOOD president would do, then I completely agree that Bush is a good president.
Where did you get the idea that he is severing national relations? I have heard nothing about this, nor have I found anything about this. Let me guess: we can't buy drugs from you anymore? Is this what the national relations that's being severed that your talking about? From what I've heard from both parties, he is encouraging national relations.

*Note: Canadian Media is different from American Media, so discrepencies, such as the ones shown above, are extremely common in news. I'm thinking that you might actually have different facts from this situation as I'm almost completely certain that this was covered up by the Government.*
The government doesn't control the media. The media is independantly controlled in America. That is why they are rediculously biased. Let me illustrate something for you.

*George bush walks into a neighborhood*
O.K. I want you guys to help me by selling lemonade.
*Little kids* Alright.
*Narrorator* One week later, one kid spills lemonade on another kid by accident. Whether it was the broken picture, or just human fumbeling error does not matter
*Little kid who got spilled on* I want 10 bucks for him spilling lemonade on me!
*George Bush* (deviating time from his schedual) I'm sorry, but I can't do that.
*Little kid who was spilled on* I HATE YOU!!!! (Tantrums off).

Uh... yeah.

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