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Originally Posted by akmal89 View Post
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro(Vulpix), Vuelo(Pidgey), Rotta(Rattata)
Currently: Resting

After a few walks Akmal realize that his pokemon aren't doing very well.

"What's wrong guys? Are you still tired? Wanna rest a little bit longer?" Akmal asked his pokemons.

"All right we'll find some food around here so that we'll get back our energy." said Akmal while trying to find some food.

Akmal tried to climb some tree and see if he could get some fruits for his pokemon.

While Akmal busy picking the fruits he realized that he's being watched. Feeling very cautious he slowly climb down from the tree.
Official's Post

From the vantage point in the tree you see a path of berries. You climb down quickly and rush over. You run through the grassing failing to notice a little guy enjoying berries. As you reach for the berries he pops out.

"SUN SUN!" the little guy seems upset.

Wild Pokemon appears

You found the berries but there is one catch, you need to go through the little guy to get them. Write a paragraph about the battle it to get the berries free.

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