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Default Re: Pokerus Empire:Never Say Die (Not Recruiting)

Originally Posted by Odin View Post
i think the new games are awesome. i like the difficulty changes... well they coulda done a little more then that but oh well. i like the medals. it gives you goals to strive for. along with the habitat system they put in the dex. i missed out on the friggin events for genesect and keldeo or w/e his name is which irritates me. lol but im on my way to the E4 for the first time right now and then i can start the challenge mode version which should be fun.
Lucky you! I had White2 so I was stuck with Easy Mode bullshit until my brother beat Black2. I have the Genosect boxed in my PC if you want it? And I lucked out and received Keldeo. Do you want them for PokeDex info or keeping?
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