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Originally Posted by akmal89 View Post
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro, Vuelo, Rotta
Currently: Wandering around Route 1

"Urghh" Akmal stretch after a good long night.
"How is everyone doing? Did you get a good sleep? I hope you did cause we're gonna explore some more!!" Akmal and his pokemons get ready and pack their thing to continue their adventure.
Since it is so quite Akmal decided to let all his pokemon out of their ball and walk together.
"While we walk why don't we look around and see if there's anything on the ground. Who knows we might be luck and found something."
Akmal continue walking with his pokemon.
Official's Post

With two new pokemon you are feeling pretty good. You release the little guys to give them some space. Your team looks a little bit tired from all the battling but they seem to be holding up well. Route 1 is packed with pokemon in the morning. If you venture out into the grass you are bound to run into one. Although you might also find trouble as well.

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