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Originally Posted by Steak View Post

Trainer: Steak
Currently: Entering Route 7 from Route 5.

it seems you've been in a lot of battles lately, but your Pokemon don't look like they're gaining very much experience from these fights.
perhaps...the solution is to just keep on battling??

you let God take care of this Azurill.
upon seeing that you intend to battle, Azurill shrieks and lets loose a Bubble attack. God swats away the bubbles and lunges forward, smacking Azurill over with Fake Out. the blue ball is sent reeling, and God takes its chance to follow up with a Double Hit attack.
seeing how outmatched it is, Azurill tries to hop away using Splash, but God closes in with Pursuit, knocking the Azurill out.

good thing you aren't badge hunting.
the leaders would not be able to give you a badge large enough to scale with your team's insane skill.

Official's Post

The little Azurill had no idea what was coming for it. After this the poor guy will be much more cautious next time its sees a human. You leave the grass field and head back on the road. So far Route 7 is turning out much more eventful than the last couple. This isnt necessarally a good thing. Something has been watching your battle and waits for the right moment to strike.

You continue forward unaware of anything watching you.

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