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Originally Posted by akmal89 View Post
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro the Vulpix, Vuelo the Pidgey
Currently: Walking around Route 1

"Caught a Rattata YAY!!" Although Akmal hope for a Phanpy to come out.
"Owh wella pokemon is a pokemon and at least I get to save you from the pesky Meowth" said Akmal as he chased away the wild Meowth.
"Now what should I called you? Rotta maybe. You like it?" asked Akmal.
"Ratta rat!" Rattata seems happy Akmal saved him from the Meowth.

"Now what else can we do in this Route?" Akmal wondered.
"It seems like the sky is getting darker.. Why don't we set a camp for the night?"
"Vull vul pix"
"Pidg gey gey"
"Rat atta"
All 3 pokemons agreed and help Akmal set a tent tonight.
Official's Post

You set up your tent with no issues. As it darkens, the world around seems to get louder. Nocturnal Pokemon are waking, while others return to their nests for the night. It's quite beautiful out under the stars!

Nothing happened... continue!
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