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Originally Posted by akmal89 View Post
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro the Vulpix, Vuelo the Pidgey
Currently: Searching for more wild Pokemon

"Yay I caught my 1st wild pokemon and a friend for you Pyro" Akmal jumps with joy.

"So what am I gonna called you. Let see since you're a flying type I guess I'll call you Vuelo"
Thinking that is a good name Pidgey flies around Akmal head with a happy face.

"So Vuelo meet Pyro your friend and my partner" Akmal introduced Vuelo to Pyro.

"Pid pid gey""Pix vull" They met each other and being so friendly.

"Now let see if we can find another one like what other people says the more the merrier right, Vuelo, Pyro?" Both pokemon agreed.

"I hope I could find other type of pokemon here. A Phanpy would be nice" Akmal thought.

So Akmal, Pyro and Vuelo continue searching for more pokemon to be captured.
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This is so exciting! Your adventure has just begun, and already you have added another member to your team! Vuelo glides cheerfully by your side, seeming to be just as thrilled as you are. Pyro pads alongside your feet, breathing in deeply the good free air. Who knows how long it had been cooped up in Professor Cedar's lab? Being out in the open, in new territory, must be a dream come true for it.

And so your adventure continues, carrying you deeper into Celestia. You keep a sharp eye out for wild Pokemon, looking for more potential recruits. It's not long before your diligence pays off. Something is stirring in the bushes nearby... You stop to investigate, when suddenly a duo of blurs burst out onto the path. One is chasing the other--the first, a terrified purple rodent. A Rattata! Just behind it is an impish Meowth, whose eyes seemed to be glinting mischievously. However, once the cat spots you, it skids to a halt.

Turning tail, the Meowth darts back into the woods. The Rattata, however, keeps running towards you.

A wild Rattata appeared! Want to catch it? Write a paragraph about the battle and capture!

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