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Pyro runs out in the grassy field on Route 1. He jumps around in the long grass sneezing when he gets to much grass in his face. The little fox seems to be really happy spending time playing with you. As you run out to play with him. He pauses, foxes have a really keen sense of smell. Pyro looks up into the trees and you soon follow suite. You walk up to the tree and look up.

A wild pokemon appears !

In the tree a Pidgey sits watching you curiously. Wright a paragraph to either capture or battle it.
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro the Vulpix
Currently: Battling wild pokemon

"Yay finally a wild pokemon." shout Akmal.
"This is our 1st battle Pyro let's do our best" Akmal encourage Pyro.
"Lets start 1st by weaken its defense Tail Whip now!"
"Vulvul Pix" Pyro attack the wild Pidgey.

The Pidgey fights back by using its Gust.

"It was nothing to us but it can still fight so let confuse it next. Confuse Ray now"
"Pix pix" Vulpix attack Pidgey while its running around it.
"Finish it with Quick Attack!!"
Pyro attack Pidgey as fast as it could.

"Alright now it looks weak lets try throw a Pokeball"
Akmal throws a Pokeball toward the wild Pidgey.
Akmal wait for the ball to stop wiggling with high hope that it works.
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