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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

(Okay, well uh, yeah. Getting back into this...@.@' Also Aggranium is from the Valley technically, but he hovered on the outskirts.)

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"Not one of us?" the ancient Absol croaked, limping forward from where she had been hovering behind. She stared hard at Snowsong, waiting until after Isla had chewed her out before laying down her own words. "Does one have to be one of 'us' to be here? I am not one of you, for I am an Absol, yet I am included in this group. Are we not all Pokemon? Is there truly a distinction between us, merely from where one originates? Like it or not, we are all the same. Even that Arcanine is technically one of us, as he is a Pokemon, although we do not associate with him. Choose your wording wisely, child, as there is a distinct difference." She glanced to look at Bladestrike, nodding slightly. "Do not worry about falling behind, Bladestrike. If you do, you can join this old lady with her slow pace." Her wound would make it more difficult to walk, and her severe limping and age only made it more troublesome to travel.

The hybrid waiting in the back took notice of what Yuri said. "Don't say that, Yuri. I like you here. I would be very sad if you left," he stated softly, antennae drooping. "Y'all have been so nice to me. I don't want to lose my new family." He looked at Snowsong, although there was no anger in the gentle giant's voice. "Please don't make her leave, Snowsong. I reckon you're just mad right now which is why you're sayin' what you're sayin'. But bein' hurtful doesn't solve anythin'. It just hurts. Trust me, I know. I reckon I should be really mean from what's happened to me, but I'm not. You don't have an excuse." He didn't say any of it to be mean, he only felt he was saying what needed to be said.

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"Ugh, can't this muck move aside? Has it no respect for authority?" A rather loud, booming voice struck out at the air from a steel clad figure. This figure happened to have a cape that looked very warm, held up by a normal sized Aggron behind her. "Baro'grav, when will we be out of this hideous swamp? And keep holding my cape, I cannot afford for it to get messed up. After all, it is not like there are any Mareep to get more wool from. They're all dead." She huffed, making sure to shift her pearl crown on her head so it rested comfortably between her horns, keeping her scepter held high.

A Lairon snorted, looking around. Members of this considerably smaller clan - it wasn't as small before the attack - were all injured, and this Lairon had a bloodied eye for his troubles. "I don't know, Queen Re'zula. I don't have much experience with swamps, and I apologize in advance." He huffed. "We need to rest soon. There are many hurt here, and in your condition...We cannot afford our future heirs to be hurt." He made a pointed look at her slightly bigger girth than most. "Please take into consideration their health."

She sniffed. "I know, Baro'grav, but I refuse to allow them to be born in a swamp! Royalty bows to no one and no force. I have some time, anyway. It is just a shame that Tok'zul is gone..." She wondered, shaking her head. "Oh well. I will find another king in due course. Now chop chop, we must find a place to rest and then get food."

"Do you think he made it out?" the Lairon asked quietly, as he was walking beside her.

"Who?" the queen retorted.

He pursed his lips. "I think you know who I mean..."

She glared at him. "It would be better if he didn't. Now hush."
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