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Default Eighth Gym Tourney - Round Two

Okay, here is Round Two, and I'm very happy to say that once again I was able to work out some type-wise unbiased battles. For administration purposes, the following battlers go through on activity: Nitro; Ash K.; Zolar.

B/W Revolution (may be changed to D/P/Pt Revolution if both battlers agree)
Items On (may be changed to Items Off if both battlers agree)
No Weather / Default Terrain

Pay is $3000 for the winner, $2000 for the loser, normal pay for refs.

Nitro vs TED
Ebail vs SLCalamity
Ataro vs Airik
ayotui vs Fierce Deity
Siless; vs @Bumblebee;
Ash K. vs Zolar
ChainReaction01 vs The pokemaster;
GliscorMan vs Princess Crow;

Please log all battles in this thread.
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