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Crap this started? 0.o

The Hope for Dawn/Lifewing

“I got food,” the Pidgeotto said, dropping a few berries down and landing gently on the ground. The swamp was a nasty place, and the Pidgeotto was happy to fly away, far away. But the injury on his back prevented that. He had gotten it escaping from the Valley, battling his way to the outer world, this mysterious and dangerous place that he didn’t like. His new companion, an aging Sceptile with scars all over his body, seemed to rather enjoy the swamp.

“Oran berries,” the Sceptile, known as the Hope for Dawn said, “No Rawst? We could use it to help the burn.”

“Cool mud will help for now,” the Pidgeotto replied.

“Lifewing,” Hope looked concerned, “If we don’t get Rawst berries, you might not be able to fly. We both need your flying abilities if we’re to get out of here. This place is confusing even me.”

“I know,” Lifewing the Pidgeotto grunted, “It’s just I can’t find much out here. I didn’t exactly exercise my skills at finding things when a berry could be picked at a moment’s impulse.”

“That’s why I decided to live in a scarce region of the Valley,” Hope carefully took out a berry he was hiding behind his back. It was fat and yellow, a green leaf sprouting on the top.

“A Sitrus berry?”

“Yup. When you live as long as I have, boy, you find stuff quickly.”

Lifewing rolled his eyes. Hope was one of the oldest creatures in the Valley, and he was incredibly agile. Time hadn’t affected him much.

“I noticed a couple other Pokemon a little ways away,” Hope said after a small pause, as they both gingerly ate the berries, “A Riolu and a Scyther. The Riolu is injured, but since the Scyther is helping it, something tells me they might be other Valley Pokemon.”

Lifewing nodded. Since their expulsion from their home, both he and the aged Sceptile had been attacked multiple times by hostile Pokemon. This included an attack from a Flygon, who was migrating to the Valley since he was a late-timer from the invasion force.

“We should go to them. I overheard the Scyther say there were other Pokemon with him. Safety in numbers, eh?”
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