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The mud proves to be as helpful as it is a hindrance. You cant seem to move quickly through it but that means the thief must also be struggling to through. You pause for a second as Hoppip tries to signal you about something. "Hop Hop Hop!" the little guys calls out motioning towards the tree.

You look up and notice that there are very low branches you look back at the Hoppip and it keeps trying to push you that way.

Could climbing be faster than rushing through the thick mud ??
Logan Falchino
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Height advantage.

The Mud was initially just the kind that would leave visible footprints without sinking too much,, but then the tracks went to places where the mud got up to his boots. His ability to even walk was being hampered, and his new Hoppip buddy had to help him out of the mud when he tripped again on some rock under the mud. The only fortune was that the thief had to be equally bogged down by this mud, right?

"Hop hop hop!" His buddy went. Logan looked, and his Hoppip was hovering nearby a tree, with low-hanging branches. With the minimal strength it could (once Logan saw the branches), it then pushed Logan towards them. Could climbing be faster than rushing through the thick mud??

Good question. Would the branches keep in the same direction as the muddy path? Hopefully yes, he decided, as he heeded his partner's wishes and started climbing.
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