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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
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Route 7 offers new sites and new possibilities. You look out towards the water maybe you could go fishing ? you look inwards at the grass maybe you could take out your pokemon and have some fun in the grass.

As you continue down the path you notice something is following you. You turn back and see a little blue ball rush into the grass. You turn around and then quickly turn back to see it poke its head out and then go back into the grass.

Do you check this out ??

Trainer: Steak
Currently: Entering Route 7 from Route 5.

what on earth is that

you turn around, watching as the tall grass rustles. you slowly approach, sending out God the Aipom. God sits on top of your head as you creep forward, scouting from a greater height. as you walk, you notice something gleaming on the ground and almost step on it. you pick it up.

Obtained TM39 Rock Tomb!
hey sweet
you stow it away and continue searching through the grass...

Evolves @ 2456
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