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Originally Posted by Steak View Post

Trainer: Steak
Currently: Dealing with Shiftry.

you scratch your head, getting the feeling that things like this happen too mean, come on, a Pokemon as far evolved as a Shiftry should be familiar with this circle of life that goes on in this world. not even life, more like a circle of encountering, battling, and fainting.
Seedot's out cold for now, but it'll be good as day in a few minutes when it regains its bearings. so what's the deal?

regardless, you wonder if Mama Shiftry was taking her kids to their first day of PokeKindergarten or something. you doubt that's a thing but you're sure the situation's something along those lines.

you rummage through your belongings, picking out a Potion. you hold it up and slowly walk over to the unconscious Seedot. you reach over tentatively, bracing yourself in case Shiftry lashes out, and give the Seedot a few sprays. you slowly walk back as the spray takes its effect.

"look dude," you say, "sorry your PokeBaby got hurt in our battle. everything good now?"

Official's Post

You pause for a moment after spraying the seedot. To avoid any drama you take a few steps back giving the Shiftry some room to look over its baby. A few moments pass and the little seedot starts to get up. The Shiftry still not happy to see you picks up its baby and heads back into the woods.

You take a deep breath glad that you didnt have to fight off an angry mother Shiftry. Now what you wonder? Time to get on the path or maybe head deeper in to find some pokemon ?
Do you go back to the path or head deeper into the Route 5?

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