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Default Re: Route 24

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Helping Archie

"Alright," I whispered. "First, use Wing Attack on it. Keep Pidgey on it's tail and don't let it get away. When it tries to escape, get Pidgey to fly in front of it and use Whirlwind. That will send it back towards you. Then you can throw your Pokeball at it. If it pops out, use Whirlwind again and then throw another ball. This ensures Yanma won't be able to get away. Eventually it will be captured! Got it?" I kept my voice low.

"Awesome...thanks." He whispered back. He stood up. "Pidgey! Wing Attack!" he shouted. Yanma never saw Pidgey coming and never responded. Yanma was hit head on!

"Y-Yan?!" It tried to flee.

"Now Pidgey Whirlwind!" He commanded.

"Pidgeeeey!" The Pidgey flapped it's wings forcefully, bringing Yanma back to Archie.

"Pokeball go!" He tossed the ball at the weakened Yanma.

"Good job! Now let's see if it catches..." I kept my eye on the wiggling ball.

It stopped and...
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