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Default Re: Pokemon designs are only getting better

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
I pretty much disagree with this whole article. I personally like the first gen Pokemon for their simplicity. They were (mostly) believable creatures. I think there are great Pokemon in all generations, but I definitely wouldn't say they're only getting better. Unlike the author, I don't find Nosepass, Metagross, Ludicolo and Vanilluxe "interesting". :(
I have to agree with Sarah. I think pokemon design has gotten worse and worse. When I first saw pictures of the gen 5 pokemon I thought they were a cheap knock off of the first gen pokemon. I mean a tadpole with a big face, an ice cream cone and a candle ...

Gen 1 and 2 really were the best for pokemon design because they were so simple and other than a few pokemon like voltorb and machamp you could almost picture these things in the wild.

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