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Default Re: Route 24

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Hey!

"Finally, a Pokemon I can catch!" I heartily skipped over to it. "Alright Sage, let's watch you go!" I tossed the Pokeball out.

"Pan! Saaage!" He prepared to battle.

"Use Leaf Storm!" I commanded.

He lit up green, then instantly fired a huge blast of leaves. "Saaaaaaageeee!"

The Lotad was downed, but not out. "Lo Lo tad!" He shouted. He was using Energy Ball!

"Pansage use Seed Bomb to counter attack!" I screamed.

"Sagegegegege!" The seeds were rapid fire exploding on the Energy Ball.

"Tad...?" The Lotad questioned. I realized it was too young to talk.

"Alright, Sage, finish this with Acrobatics!" Sage dashed over to Lotad, did a flip, then forcefully attacked Lotad.

"Lo...tad..." It finally collapsed.

"Yes! Alright, now, Net Ball, let's do this!" I threw the Net Ball. The ball wiggled...and...
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