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Default Re: General Chat, Help & Questions

Originally Posted by Steak View Post
> luck in the WFL stinks
> is literally the most advanced member of the WFL
>Most advanced but
>Died on Route 6 and had to go back now I don't have defog
>Nearly killed by an Amoongus and then the butthead Foongus wouldn't join me
>Can't find any common or uncommon Pokemon, haven't caught anything since Route 7
>Had to go back to Andromeda 1 hour before Navi
>Was fined 10 stars on bridge

Of course there are good things too but y'know.

I'm only advanced because no one else posts to move on that much anymore and I started early. xD You and like two other people are the only ones moving on and you were on Route 1 for like 2 months. D:
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