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Here's mine so you can see what an example looks like. If you don't like the pokemon that the generator gives you, feel free to use which ever ones you like the best. Have fun with it!

Leader - TheKraken

6 Pokemon:
Gengar - Lv 58

Cradily - Lv 55

Xatu - Lv54

Shiftry - Lv 55

Claydol - Lv 56

Signature Last Pokemon: Hypno Lv 60

Gym Theme: My gym takes place at the top of a great mountain where an ancient civilization is said to have inhabited long ago. My gym is located in a well hidden temple.

Puzzles/Riddle: One of the biggest puzzles is to actually find the temple. It is well hidden by trees and is forgotten by time. After entering the player receives a message that they feel a mysterious power and as if something is wanting them to get out. After traversing the maze-like temple full of ghost and rock pokemon they find themselves at my chamber. The battle begins by speaking to me thus breaking my meditation.

Gym Song:

Battle Song:

Battle quotes:

(When spoken to.)"This is no place for an outsider. I know why you're here. But know you risked a great deal when you arrived at my chambers. This place has been a secret for generations. I intend to keep it that way. If you cannot defeat me, you will not escape here with your life."

(When one of my PKMN are critcal'd or take Super Effective damage.)
To my PKMN: "Pain is only an abstract. Gather yourself and focus."

(Down to last pokemon.)
To trainer: "You are immensely powerful. This is the first time I've ever been pushed to my limits. If you cannot pass this last gauntlet, this place will be your tomb."

(When last PKMN is weak.)
To Hypno: "You must push your limits further.."

(If I win.)
To trainer: "I hope you've gotten used to it here. You will never see the
sun again."

(If I lose.)
To trainer: "I recognize you now. I don't know why I didn't see the resemblance before."

(After Battle)
"The heiroglyphs behind me tell of someone who would journey a great distance and overcome many obstacles to defeat anyone in his way. That must be you then. I see now, yes it all comes together. I must leave now, take this TM. It contains Meditate. With it you can focus you mind and body to push yourself to the breaking point. One more thing, in your lifetime you will be faced with a seemingly impossible obstacle. You must not be fooled. Your adversary is not what he seems to be. Farewell, perhaps we will meet again in another life." *Vanishes and leaves behind the Lost Badge.*

P.S. I do not take credit for any of the pictures or videos in this post.
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