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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

"Yes, we are." The Mightyena replied. Those words were like music to Cobalt's ears.
"I'm Cobalt." he said to the group. "My parents were Aqua, a Gardevior and Crimson, a Gallade. I was a Kirlia when the Valley was attacked. They killed my parents in front of my eyes."
Cobalt couldn't help but cry at the memory. Though he was fully evolved, he was still young.
"I don't know what happened next. The stress must have rushed my evolution. I evolved, but became this colour. I have been running since. Until I was captured by three slave traders and escaped."
Cobalt continued to cry as he spoke.
"Could I please come with you? It is too dangerous out there for me to travel alone." Cobalt asked...

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